CPF says sales and net profit in 1Q14 were strong. It is confident that sales will hit Bt450bn this year, up 10-15% YoY. (Khao Hoon, 18/04/14)

Comment: No doubt on the sales growth, however with corn prices crawling higher, margin improvement may not be as good as they expected


EARTH expects revenue of Bt2.4bn in 1Q14 on robust demand and baht depreciation. It plans to set up new subsidiaries in Asia to support its coal business and aims to reduce cost and expand margin. Management expects 2014 sales volume of 9mn tons from 8mn tons in 2013. (Tun Hoon, 18/04/14)

Comment: Again this company appears in the news, and with continued growth too


Turnaround this year — Management said GOLD will post a turnaround in net profit this year of at least Bt2bn. On April 21, the company sold land for Bt980mn in Ramkamhaeng area. It expects to see profit starting 1Q14. (Khao Hoon, 18/04/14)

Comment: They have a very simple business plan, build and grow, and under this new management team it looks possible, now from a valuation basis it looks like its been met already.


ICHI management expects ICHI’s price to stay above IPO price on its first trading day on April 21. Management said that the key highlights in the company that helped attract investors were the company’s continual growth and its ability to control costs. It expects gross margin this year to be higher than last year’s 14%. (Krungthep Turakij, 18/04/14)

Comment: Of course it will!


KCE expects high revenue of Bt2.7bn with net profit of Bt391mn from more orders over the next 3-4 years. Management expects 2014 revenue of Bt11bn. (Tun Hoon, 18/04/14)

Comment: The growth here has been amazing, management has been able to follow through on every plan they’ve said they’d do.


PTT: Supply not affected by shutdown – The maintenance shutdown of Bongkot natural gas field in the Gulf of Thailand should not disrupt electricity generation, says energy giant PTT Plc. The shutdown, which began on April 10 and runs to April 27, will affect 630 standard million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) of gas supply, or 14% of Thailand’s total demand. But PTT senior executive vice-president Chakree Buranakanon said the firm is monitoring operations at the block that supplies gas and condensate. (Bangkok Post, 18/04/14)


PTTGC expects net profit of Bt6.5bn, its lowest quarterly performance in 2014. Performance will pick up in 2Q14 when it PTT’s fifth gas separation plant starts up plus a seasonal recovery in petrochemicals. (Tun Hoon, 18/04/14)

Comment: Hmmm a double push from both increased capacity and higher selling prices


SALEE says 1Q14 earnings were good supported by continual increase in sales from households and offices. It expects revenue to increase 25-30% this and will invest Bt70-80mn to buy 12 new machines. (Khao Hoon, 18/04/14)


SEAFCO obtained project worth Bt400mn bringing backlog to Bt1.7bn. Management continues to bid for new projects worth Bt500mn and says 1Q14 was good. Shareholders have given the okay for a cash and stock dividend. (Tun Hoon, 18/04/14)


True targets 1 million 4G subscribers – True Move, Thailand’s third-largest mobile operator, has set an ambitious target of 1mn subscribers for its fourth-generation (4G) mobile broadband service this year after completing its first-phase network rollout. (Bangkok Post, 18/04/14)

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