CPF expects fresh food and dairy sales pick up at CP Fresh Mart stores ahead Chinese hungry ghost fest on Aug 15, roll out promo campaigns to boost sales.

GTB wins contracts to supply 11 steam boilers for Vietnam clients (Vinfast, CPV Food and Nestle VN) combined worth Bt100m.

Comment: The place to be atm, I’ve said it for years, Myanmar is the dream, Vietnam is the reality. 

IRPC invests in 12.5mw floating solar in IRPC estate Rayong to reduce electricity costs, target cod 1Q20.

SCB shareholders approved disposal of SCBLIFE to FWD in extraordinary meeting yesterday, expects to book gains from Bt90b transaction in 4Q.

Comment: This BoT rate cut … well just watch the NIMs of banks decline further

WHA expects big jump 2H supported by assets sales to WHART & HREIT in 4Q, lower cost of fund post Bt2.5b bond call in 3Q, 90% of 180 acres backlog to transfer in 2H.

Comment: I’m still waiting to see evidence of this EEC story…

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding vietnam: i’d agree that there’s much opportunity there for thai companies. on the other side, for example the amatav stock does not get off the ground…

    • Poorly executed by AMATAV, they’ve seen delays in getting land. The local player KBC is doing very well. Even the Singaporeans are doing well despite their premium pricing.

      • peter satrapa-binder

        I had thought that there had to be something amiss with amata vietnam itself. thx for your reply and information there. btw, the many company result of set-listed companies published yesterday were for the most part rather gruesome (not unexpected, though)!:)

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