CPF’s expected to report all time high quarterly profit in 1Q21 at Bt7,644m, +25% yoy, on higher swine sales, contribution from CTI and Lotus, mulls introducing plant-based products locally, Tabloid.

IHL sees 20% revenue growth this year, on rising orders in leather products and pet foods.

Comment: We’re wondering how big a jump in auto sales we’ll see in the first 6 months as it “normalises”

IMH inked deal with ABBOTT to distribute antigen swab a new covid test kits from the US, boosting 2Q21 revenue by Bt50m.

Comment: Look at this list of dodgy shareholders, management, board etc etc. Crooks all around. Perhaps explains how they were able to get this swab test passed through the FDA.

LOXLEY’s tapping into hemp market after inking deals with NRF and Golden Triangle Health to become terpene flavour distributions (B2B).

Comment: HAHAHAHA this country is wonderfully nuts, an enterprise IT firm is going to smoke that sweet weed whilst installing telco equipment.

NRF target #1 in terpene business in 3 years after inking deals with LOXLEY, expects Bt100m revenue from business next year.

Comment: This helps to offset the noise that 1Q21 earnings are going to be crap because of containership delays.

PTTEP’s assured its shareholders that plans to transform mobility modes from oil-powered internal combustion engines to EVs will not affect its business as the change matches the company’s long term strategy to produce more natural gas.

Comment: At one point this name will be attractive again…I still think oil is going to 100 next year.

SKE sees 1Q21 revenue on par with 4Q20, firms on 30% growth this year to Bt700m, boosted by community solar PP projects, sets Bt450-500m capex for solar rooftop business.

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