CPN target 10% CAGR from office division over next 5-yr aft cod 60k sq.m. Central Park offices Silom district in 2Q25, 130k sq.m. Central Park on track to cod 3Q25, Dusit residences & Dusit Parkside total 50,500 sq.m. kick-off transfer from 4Q25.

Comment: If it wasn’t for the management of Dusit, this project would’ve been delayed by 2 years. CPN can bend over and thank them.

ICHI keeps Bt9b FY revenue target, expects GPM stays above 23%, jelly snack drink & Tan Power energy drink are expected to boost non-tea sales, additional production capacity 200m bottles p.a. to cod in 4Q, eyes Bt10b revenue target next year.

Comment: Let’s see…

PSL signed 4 shipbuilding contracts for four 63,500 DWT new Ultramax bulk carriers for Bt4.88b, aft delivery in FY26/27 fleet size will be 41 vessels with aggregate capacity of 1.869m DWT.

Comment: ANd BOOM! That’s … USD 35 mn/vessel…seems to be rather attractive.

TACC renewed a 3 year exclusive contract with CPALL to distribute dispenser drink and café supplies for All Café stores located in 7-11.

Comment: Perhaps it won’t be CP(take)ALL anymore, perhaps they’ve realised (after Central group starting entering the game) that they’d better become a nice partner to their suppliers. Wait are pigs flying? Let’s see….

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