CPW upbeats 1Q earnings from mobile & gadgets sales supported by shopping tax rebate stimulus, U-Store branches thru universities, online sales & additional sales network from 56 outlets of IBIZ Plus.

GULF & INTUCH signed agreement with Singtel to jointly develop & operate data center in TH.

Comment: Perhaps a reframe is needed for Gulf, they are the national security play for Thailand. The company provides energy security, telecommunications including mobile operators, satellites and now data centers. We should be grateful that such an entity exists to ensure that citizens of this country have this key infrastructure available and maintained. But then the generals and friends decided to make a buck along the way as well via this vehicle. (oh I just can’t help myself)

SNNP launches Jele x Nestea Apple Honey jelly, target double digits revenue growth this year.

SVT sets 25% revenue growth target this year, on re-opening and business alliance with SUN to offer its products under KC brand thru SVT’s vending machines.

TPS wins EPC underground fiber cable projects for LXT Nterwork total Bt557.89m, lifts backlog above Bt1.26b.

Comment: See they are putting the cables underground throughout the country.

TTCL wins US$48.7m (Bt1.6b) EPC contract for Sinphuhorm gas field central booster compressor & facilities from PTTEP.

WHA sets Bt50b 5 year investment capex covering 4 business, targeting total rev reaching Bt21b in 2026, while exploring new opportunity in Metaverse, quantum tech to boost recurring income and transform into a tech co in 2024.
WHA sets Bt50b capex plan for next 5 years (Bt18b logistic, Bt18b industrial estate, Bt10b utilities, Bt4b tech & start-up).
Comment: Remember back in 2020 and 2021 where they kept saying that land sales were strong and that the backlog was incredible? But ok, regardless its a better company than Amata due to the its energy port/recurring income.

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