Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) expects ESSO, SPRC and IRPC to comply with Euro5 std by FY24; whereas, only 3 refiners PTTGC, TOP and BCP capable at the momentum, seeks to promote use of B10 & B20 positive biodiesel producers: EA, GGC, BGRIM, BCP.

CRANE upbeats FY20 outlook from healthy demand for foundation work on infrastructure expansion, expects additional contract signing from Bt3.6b current bidding, firms on Bt1.2b revenue target, Bt500m backlog to realize this year.

Comment: Well it hasn’t given the numbers that one would’ve expected, except for 2017 they’ve been losing money annually.

IP will add more anti-aging prods and Nutraceutical to fill demand for health conscious buyers, in talk overseas partners to distribute products CLMV & north Asia.

Comment: A Mega part 2? 

SPCG sets Bt2.52b capex for 469MW Ukujima Mega Solar Projects in Japan, construction starts March 2020.

Comment: I still find it impressive that thai companies are regional players in renewables

SSP to cod 34.5mw JPN solar this year, lifts capacity to 191.7mw from current 156.8mw, in talk partner to invest in Vietnam windfarm projects, expects to wrap up in March.

WICE injects Bt200m to raise holdings in Singapore logistic subsidiary, Sun Express Logistic (SEL), to 100% from current 70% on plans to expand air freight coverage network across ASEAN.

Comment: Hmmm it is down -60% from its peak. I wonder if there’s still a scale effect here, margins are down despite all the acquisitions which saw revenue go from 1 bn to 1.7bn but profits down by -40% over the past 4 years

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