ZIGA partners with DCC to sell its product in DCC stores, supporting ZIGA’s revenue growth target of no less than 15% this year. DCC expects 2018 revenue growth of 10% after its sales recover and a bump up of 5-5% in product prices. (Kao Hoon, 6/8/18)
Comment: DCC…one could say its cheap, one could say it’s ROE is amazing, but evidence of an actual sustained improvement in performance is required.
JMART expects 2H18 results to be better. It expects mobile phone sales to increase, supported by new model launches. It will explain its outlook at the Opportunity Day on Aug 15. (Thun Hoon, 6/8/18)
KTB ends up with the highest data theft protection. This will ensure no customer data is damaged. It plans to budget Bt10bn for IT development. In the case of EARTH, 2 of 3 creditors approved a rehabilitation plan. It expects EARTH to generate income to repay debt. (Kao Hoon, 6/8/18)
KTC says it has provisions of more than five times that required by IFRS9 standards. It has excess provisions of Bt3.5bn and expects to use around Bt700-1000mn each quarter this to book as profit, increasing its dividend. (Kao Hoon, 6/8/18)
Mr. Anant Asavabhokhin cancelled the LH tender offer for 1.195bn shares or 10% at the price of Bt11.8 per share. (Kao Hoon, 6/8/18)
Comment: Random…
LPH has budgeted Bt148mn to buy back shares. It already bought back 22mn shares or 2.94% of outstanding shares. The buyback target is 30mn shares or 4% of outstanding shares. Its CEO says it has cash of Bt455.6m. The buyback will not affect debt repayment in the amount of Bt29.3mn. (Kao Hoon, 6/8/18)
Comment: And yes they are still actively buying back shares in the market.
SEAFCO expects 2H18 results to be good. It may be awarded big projects both from the government and private sector. Its backlog is Bt4bn. (Thun Hoon, 6/8/18)
Comment: Perhaps the only contractor/construction mat co that has done well in the past few years, both in terms of actual financial and share price performance
SKN will open MDF phase 2, a lumber plant, in 3Q18, increasing its 2H18 production capacity to 500,000 cubic meters per year and supporting export demand. It expects to maintain gross margin at more than 30% and expects revenue growth of 10% this year. It expects to operate a glue factory at the end of next year.  (Thun Hoon, 6/8/18)
TEAMG expects to be awarded projects in 2H18 after the government accelerated the approvals of big projects. Backlog is expected to increase from the current Bt3.5bn, to be recognized over three years. It expects net margin to be above 8%. It is looking for partners in Asia to expand its business in abroad. (Thun Hoon, 6/8/18)
TTCL’s board approved issuing 56mn shares to offer to Sojitz Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation, as private placement. The offer price is Bt7.795 and will bring a total of Bt436.5mn. This is is expected to enhance liquidity and expand its business. (Kao Hoon, 6/8/18)
Comment: So the board is trying to bring in another Japanese group? 
TVT expects 2H18 results to be better. It expects revenue to increase from production of TV programs, online media videos and games with stable advertise revenue. It expects to expand business further with the targeted revenue growth of 10-15% from Bt433.4mn last year. (Thun Hoon, 6/8/18)

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