DELTA sees COVID-19 weighing on 1Q20, yet firm on 5% revenue growth target this year, sets Bt$200m capex for M&A in India.

Comment: We think its going to knock off -20% off the markets revenue (excl energy)

GULF’s board approve par split from Bt5 to Bt1 to boost liquidity.

Comment: Liquidity? The stock has plenty of liquidity! This should just make the markets love the name more

IRPC’s firm on higher GIM this year, after adjusting strategy to cut costs and boost efficiency, to start land sales at Rayong JV with WHA next year and COD of UCF in 2022.

LPH target 25-30% revenue growth this year, sets Bt800m capex for specialty medical center.

PSH to issue Bt7.1b bond to refinance debts, target 30 new projects worth Bt36b, booting backlog from current Bt29b, sets Bt40b revenue target.

Comment: It’ll be interesting to see the rates that they can achieve.

TASCO sees weak 1Q20 from outbreak, sets 2.1-2.2m tonnes asphalt sales this year, despite delayed shipments to China and stalled 2020 fiscal budget disbursement.

Comment: Regardless they benefit from sharp declines in oil prices.

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