DRT expects 4Q turnaround from recovery bold materials demand for home improvement posted rainy season, will add promotion and service teams to boost sales.

One of the aircraft operated by NOK has been inspected as a matter of urgency in response to a US FAA directive prompted by the discovery of a physical fault in specific models of the Boeing 737 aircraft.

Comment: And NOK will continue to go down the train, I wonder when there will be another change in shareholders.

NER branches out from rubber and biogas biz to community solar projects, aiming to utilize expertise an existing resources from in house power plant to generate business.

SPALI mulls investments in the Phil and Australia with partners.

TASCO anticipates wider margins 2H from lower price of high sulfur fuel from due to shrinking demand on implementation of IMO2020 requirement, upbeat asphalt sales volume growth next year as infra spending grows.

Comment: There are several ways to play the IMO2020 and this is just one of them. Plus low oil prices help TASCO’s margins

Two consortiums, GRAND/AAV/CNT and BTS/BA/STEC, passed 1st round technical screening for Bt290b Eastern Airport City project.Comment: This is going to be amusing to watch unfold.

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