ECL expands commercial auto hire-purchase business, to capture demand from logistic segment, maintain Bt3.6b full year loan growth target, will wrap up M&A insurance broker before year end.

Comment: I still find this to be a rather strange company in the way they operate multiple businesses under 1 roof.

HUMAN to wrap up 3 JV deals, insurance, HP and ERP, by end of year.

Comment: So perhaps they’ve seen that no company is up for sale at a decent price…JVs sound like a safer bet

JAS to sell Bt38b worth of fiber-optic assets to JASIF, extend TTTBB rental agreement by another 10 years, pending shareholders’ meeting on Sept 25.

Comment: Should an acquirer come my bets are on AIS

TFG upbeats 2H earnings from strong feed mill sales, lower SG&A from factory automation and improved margins from processed chicken & swine prods, seeks to raise revenue from broiler exports from fresh meat to reduce earnings volatility.

  1. AIS should try to grind JAS into the ground and acquire on the cheap, Pete and co really did a number on AIS and True in 2015 with the 4G auctions.

  2. Interesting news. Are you suggesting an equity buyout or something to do with the Fund? I have been thinkng of buying Jasif for the yield, but held off due to the dubious natue of the unprincipled principal. I have restricted my portfolio to buying only tax free yield, as a defensive measure. I have had a good run with Egatif. Waiting to see what Superif will trade at. It will have a 10 year tax holiday.

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