EGCO starts EIA on project to develop land in Rayong PP into industrial estate to cater for EEC investment.

PF reports Bt5b sales 4M19 from 3 new launch SDH projects, will launch additional 14 pj in 2H (1 condo, 13 SDH), focus mid & high-end segment, maintain Bt19b full year target, Bt5b out of Bt6b backlog to realize this year

Comment: I’m just constantly impressed by this company’s ability to stay afloat.

PR9 sees positive earnings momentum 2Q from higher traffic of IPD-OPD patients, aims to raise int’l patient to 15% from current 10% and expand health insurance clients, new IPD building to cod 4Q, firms on 15% revenue growth target.

Comment: More and more questions are being raised about the hospital sector in the past 6 months. The government is cracking down and now there will be delays in payment

SAPPE sees strong 2Q on seasonal, firms on 30% revenue growth target this year, mulls 20-21 new products.

Comment: As a team member just said to me, its hot. 

TAPAC expects windfall from re-location of RICOH prod base to TH from China, sees strong printer & fax plastic parts sales in 2H.

TFG reaffirms solid turnaround this year from higher poultry and swine selling price yoy, improved costs control and growth from feedmill business after start selling prod outside group co, CEO, Winai Teawsomboonkij, bought 5.865m shares at Bt3.14 avg on Tue, SEC filing.

Comment: He’s been buying shares since it went public. Thus I don’t read much into his timing.

  1. Pon, no need to publish this. I used to check the BOT webnsite on the net–fx reserves, allegedly huge. This has been shut down and superceded by a new website which, interestingly enough, is now only open to “authorized personnel.” If you know of a back door to this information, just the URL would be much appreciated. The numbers may stink but even the trend in bad numbers is of interest.

    The wall at baht/dollar 32 remains, there may still be “military training hardware” exports in the pipeline, the one bright spot last month. Or maybe cheap Mercedes in BKK and villas on the Riviera are still the order of the day–hard to tell. Meanwhile, of course, exporters are getting killed. How much longer this goes on, esp. in the ag sector, must aparently not be mentioned….

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see the THB drop given the decreasing incremental growth in exports and tourism for the rest of the year. However when looking regionally you still find that Thailand has better yields than other markets.

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