EPCO will book Bt500m extra gains from disposal of SPM shares to BGC in 4Q, 17mw pp to cod in December lifts total to 550mw by end of year, board to approve JV 700 mw Vietnam power projects (550mw wind & 150mw solar) on Thursday (Nov 14)

Comment: EPCO trying to realise its value? Dodgy shareholders…

GOLD sees 100% occupancy rate next year for A grade office at Mitrtown Office Tower from current 70%, for BT576m per annum

Comment: Basically good assets

MCS reaffirms solid 4Q from 135.8kt steel backlog pending to realize, expects more orders to come from close ties with Obayashi, Shimizu, Takenaka Corp and Kajima Corp, see healthy steel demand from JPN ahead of Tokyo Olympic in Jul 20.

Comment: And then next year all of these projects are gone

PTTGC sets 15% revenue growth next year, on higher refinery volume, no shutdown, higher petrochemical margin, sets Bt150-200b 5-year capex.

TOP sees recovery in refinery business, from IMO measure, after reporting 3Q loss from lower sales and maintenance shutdown.

Comment: I don’t see that IMO will really push the refinery margins that much higher however I still think shipping is going to do well.

  1. Where the hell is EPCO gonna get financing to take on 700mw of reneweage energy projects, even at 50% by way of Jv? I read the Jv partner may be BGC of the Boon Rawd beer baron family…deep pockets indeed.

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