FSMART expects revenue in 2Q15 will be robust, supported by the addition of top-up machines to bring its total to 50,000. It will also book revenue from selling advertising. It is confident that total revenue in 2015 will grow 40% from Bt1.16mn in 2014. (Kao Hoon, 2/6/15)
Comment: Still an amazing cash flow generating machine business

INET expects 36% profit growth in 2015 to Bt600-700mn. It will focus on the cloud business supported by more demand. It targets to increase cloud business activities to 30-40% of its portfolio. In 1Q15 it reported a margin of 26.79%, up from 2014’s 22.17%. It plans to budget for system development. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)
Comment: Not the first company to say they are expanding into the cloud business, it all depends if they will use a system like Amazon and just resell or their own, if their own then margins could be rubbish, if reselling far better, asset light and depending upon how well they sell, amazing margins.

MCS gaining from weak baht. It is confident that 2015 revenue will reach 10,000 million yen, supported by its backlog of 150,000 tons. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)
Comment: It’s always been a great company, but I’m not 100% convinced that its cheap at these levels

Japan’s Marubeni negotiating to buy 46.98% of ML for no less than Bt2.2/share. It plans to use the company as a base to lend to Japanese clients. (Kao Hoon, 2/6/15)

MONO expects 2Q15 to grow, supported by raising its advertising rate by 80%, adding Bt25,000 per minute. It expects revenue growth of Bt3bn. (Kao Hoon, 2/6/15)

MPG negotiating with partner to do renewable energy business. It expects to hold 60% and It has a budget of Bt200mn. The deal will clear within this June. It expects 2Q15 will benefit from the introduction of Stardust to its cosmetics lineup. It is confident that revenue in 2015 will reach Bt950mn. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)

MTLS says profit will be good in 2015 after financial costs were lowered by the BoT’s cut in interest rate. It maintains its credit growth target this year of 30% because slow economic growth will generate greater demand. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)

NEWS increased capital via PP, issuing 8,763 million shares, to support its digital TV business. (Kao Hoon, 2/6/15)
Comment: The entire industry (expect work, rs and grammy) are suffering.

NNCL expects profit and revenue in 2Q15 to be outstanding upon the Bkt400mn gain from sale of land plus more public utilities revenue. It is negotiating to sell more land and expects to finish the deal soon. It plans to start power plant phase 2 worth Bt5.8bn. It confirmed that 2015 will turn around. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)

PRECHA believes 2015 will show a profit after booking backlog. It plans to open two projects at Rom Klao and Rayong. It has land bank of 30 rai and plans to buy more land in good locations. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)

PTG expects sales revenue growth of 20% in 2Q15. It continues to expand its gas stations. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)
Comment: Another wonderful amazing business that continues to generate cash

SC expects revenue growth of 40% in 1H15; its full year target is Bt13.9bn. It has backlog of almost Bt10bn and will book 30% in 2015. It plans to open five new projects worth Bt8.15bn. (Kao Hoon, 2/6/15)

STEC expects to win an auction worth Bt30bn in 2H15 after government speeds up the big projects. It will gradually book its backlog. It plans to develop land of 14 rai with a property project or sell. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)

SYMC awarded Thailand’s first fiberoptic submarine cable network license. Recently, It signed an MOU with telecommunication leaders from Cambodia and Malaysia. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)
Comment: With the continually expansion of TRUE and AIS, SYMC naturally benefits

TASCO expects revenue to achieve a new high supported by continued market growth. It is seeing more asphalt orders after government in another country announced investments in logistics to support AEC. (Kao Hoon, 2/6/15)
Comment: I feel wonderfully vindicated with the recent performance of this company.

TSR expects revenue to reach Bt1.7-1.8bn or up 50% from 2014’s Bt1.5bn, supported by more orders from water purifier operators and air conditioners. It plans to expand branches upcountry and into modern trade. It expects revenue to go over target. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)

UREKA expanding into agricultural machinery. Subsidiary UREKA Agro-Machinery is preparing to buy cassava patents soon. It targets the sale of 400 machines within two years. (Kao Hoon, 2/6/15)

YUASA plans to import goods to sell and expects margin of 30-35%. It expects 2Q15 will be good and reach full year target growth 10% from 2014. (Tun Hoon, 2/6/15)

    • I was half lucky tbh, call was on infrastructure spending in Thailand/indo/vn/phil and the massive demand that would come from all of this would drive their earnings over the next 3 years, the drop in oil price has only helped.

      • Pon, I am a bit concerned about the Junta’s ability to execute all these grand spending policies.

        If we look at 6-12 months ago, the so called digital economy drove alot of IT stocks to sky high valuations. Then came a hammer blow of delayed and more delayed 4G, legislative hot potato..I might be jumping the gun but I am about ready to cash out of my CONMAT stocks while there is still all this euphoria..

        • that’s the underlying beauty of the market, expectations or as soro’s says, reflexivity.
          First comes the euphoria of expectations that pushes valuations to the potential what if scenario and normally further, then reality sets in as expectations are dampened or crushed and valuations fall below what some arguably call fair value, it’s just wonderful.

          AS for the government, of course they won’t be able to execute all the projects, but as long as some are pushed through with minimum corruption (which looks to be the case), then it will already be wonderful progress.

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