New Energy minister, Sontirat Sontijirawong, to review 2018 PDP on 1st day in the office, following objection by the ombudsman that EGAT’s 2018 PDP allowed private power co, to shr role of producing electricity after which state’s contribution was cut to <50%, violating national security. GULF likely impact the most as its 100% private owned independent power producer (IPP).

Comment: During the Military’s 5 years the major players such as GULF, BGRIM et etc made bank. I actually think its a positive that the Ombudsman recommended that 51% of the electricity be controlled by the country because if it were to be fully privatised…well just look at the Philippines. So the question is then regarding what will the impact be upon the two aforementioned players

ALLA upbeat 2H earnings from heavy machinery sales on jump starts infra pj, expects to win additional order from current Bt2b bidding, eyes 10-15% rev growth t/g.

BJC t/g to open 8 BIGC C (7 in TH & 1 in C’dia) before yr end, will revamp 19 branches of MM Mega Market in VN and 42 M-Point Mart in Laos to Mini Big C by eoy, expects bottling unit turnaround 2H after filled in new order from SABECO Saigon beer replace outgoing CBG ord.

Comment: Perhaps Thaibeverage (listed in Singapore) is a better play

EPG may report 1Q result by Aug 15, expecting Bt202m, +80% yoy, Tabloid.

Comment: Is this possible? Yes. What would drive this? Raw material prices coming down back to where they were in 2014-2015. So? I don’t know.

PF reaffirms presales t/g of Bt19b, after booking Bt8b in 1H, plans 7-8 pjs worth Bt13b in 2H, while m/t transfers t/g at Bt18b.

Comment: I am continuously surprised to see this company still around

CPALL/MAKRO opens wholesale hypermkt digital store, Makro Click, today.

THAI to wrap up deal to sell 8 A340 aircrafts worth Bt4b by this month, improving cash flows, but not profitability.

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Pon.
    we rely on our investment in EGATIF for most of our Thai retirement income. You commented on GULF being 100% private shareholder owned. . Can you refer me to any source where I can get a feel for what % ownership the Govt has in EGAT? co-incidentally, I was reading up on DIF to spread my income earning risk. A different animal, but it may be wise if I were to start looking around. Thanks again ! You are a great (and timely) source. and yes, I did find all the English data I needed. Just needed to put my mind to it instead of complaining about Thailand financial services.. 🙂

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