HMPRO to raise cash — HMPO plains to issue debentures worth Bt4-5bn to raise funds for branch expansion. Wannee Juntamongkol, a senior vice president, said the company will spend up to Bt10bn this year, twice as much as last year, to add hardware and home improvement stores across the country. Half of the spending will be funded by proceeds from the new debentures of 3-5 years’ maturity to be issued in the second or third quarter. The remaining funding will come from cash flow. (Bangkok Post, 22/03/13)

Comment: Access to funding at low rates and expanding more upcountry, HMPRO’s #’s will continue to look good for a long time

TPIPL Boosting cement production — TPIPL is moving ahead with its new cement production line, with an ambitious plan to make it the world’s first zero-emission cement production. CEO Prachai Leophairattana signed an MoU with the executives of three Belgian companies for the €15mn fourth cement production line, that will have a capacity of 12,000 tones per day using the waste heat recovery technology. (Bangkok Post, 22/03/13)

Comment: TPIPL has been considered a dead stock for the longest time by investors given its history from 15 years ago. Personally I just think K. Prachai did what anyone else would do when it comes to protecting ones own assets.

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