ILINK upbeat 3Q earnings from robust IT cable & equipment trading, larger clients portfolio, launches high-speed fiber optic cables to meet bandwidth-intensive applications of AI.

Comment: Quietly stacking revenue streams

PR9 revamps health check-up unit, ER & respiratory clinic to improve services & accommodate larger traffic, estimate overseas marketing unit to expand fly-in patients & overseas partners, keeps 12% FY revenue growth target.

TTA forms JV with HK Jutal Holding, Thoresen Jutal Offshore Engineering Heavy Industries (TH) , to provide engineering, procurement, construction & installation services for O&G business in SEA and other regions.

Comment: Why would anyone work with TTA? Ah i know stupid partners are easy to control.

TU launched Ecotwist, a new packaging solution for its John West brand tuna products in the UK, the packaging consists of cans with smart strip design to connect them together, eliminates the need for plastic shrink wrap and cardboard, save more than 400-tonnes of steel p.a., provide an eco-friendly alternative to existing options on the mkt, aims to hv all branded products packaged sustainably by eo-FY25.

MUFG to invest $195m in TH fintech co., Ascend Money, via JV with BAY; expected to take 10% stake, will gain exposure in truemoney, ascend nano, ascend wealth & ascend assurance. MUFG will send an executive to the co.

Comment: As the smartest man in BKK mentioned to me – “this only makes sense if it’s going for a digital bank”

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