JMT: parent co., JMART, says no plan to exit debt collection business, maintain top holder of the company (53.84%).

Comment: Why is it when a market declines that short sellers get the blame etc etc. The ability of the market participants to create fairytales is always remarkable…love markets. I hope this never stops, it creates both buying and selling opportunities.

NRF sees record high net profit in 4Q, supported by its investments in 2 supermarkets and pet food segment, firms on 30% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: 1 baht? He shook hands w/ Tom Kruesopon and bought into the POS that is Golden Triangle, f this company.

PRIME’s 3 solar rooftop combined 3.89mw on track to cod in 4Q23, 200mw Miaoli Lake West solar in Taiwan to cod Jun-24.

Comment: Well…they need a couple hundred more MWs to get their shares up.

PTG sees strong sale in 4Q on seasonal, recovering marketing margin, LPG business and coffee business, keeps expanding non-oil, maintain 10-15% oil sales growth.

Comment: Still a great management team but not much they can do with high oil prices and the government intervening w/ marketing margins. When oil crashes. In.

RBF reaffirms 15% revenue growth target this year, sees solid 4Q, supported by food coating segment and growth in sales both here and overseas.

Comment: The upside/downside here is the link to BJT. It would be good if this noise were to disappear and the focus returns to its core business, because it is actually a very good business model.

TPCH’s subsidiary, Siam Power (SP), wins 10mw waste power plant project in Nakhonratchasima, target cod within FY25, allots Bt700m to develop 180mw solar farm in Cambodia, mulls spin-off SP on the exchange in 2025.

Comment: Finally! It’s been 8 years…

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