KBANK may be readmitted to MSCI after raising free-float, sees Bt6.1b inflows, while BAM may be deleted, announcement Aug 11 and effective Aug 31, Tabloid.

Comment: It’s going to be a fun week for this sector.

MAKRO added 3rd hypermarket branches in Phnom Penh, sees positive feedback from local F&B operators, mulls tapping in VN & India market.

Comment: They could and should dominate the market there, as for VN – well they’ll be up against a lot of strong local and international players, same applies for India, I just don’t see their competitive advantage.

RT expects to wrap up 1 tunnel projects by eo-3Q & hydro power plants in Laos by end of year, mulls bidding Bt3b infra projects for remaining of year, firms on Bt3b revenue target.

SAMTEL wins security network project for Map Ta Phut industrial estate total Bt294m.

SCM sees stronger 2H vs 1H, on expansion both on and off lines, new products and new branches in the Philippines, firm on 20% revenue growth target.

Comment: This could be a bit of a dark horse, perhaps worth keeping an eye on.

SENA plans 12 new projects in 2H worth Bt7.181b, firm on Bt13.9b presales target this year, mulls collab with BAM in setting up an AMC, clearer in 2 months.

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