MAJOR: upbeat 2Q earnings from strong ticket sales during long holiday, higher contribution from advertising revenue & retail business.

Comment: First Top Gun saved the industry and now the Super Mario Brothers are going to take it to the moon.

TACC: acquires Korean beauty products distributor, Blush Beauty (TH), seeks to branch out from beverage to health & wellness business via footprint in 7-11.

SCB: extends exclusive bancassurance partnership with FWD for a further 2 years.

Comment: Still don’t quite see it, but ok…

WHA: invests Bt912m in 20% of outsourcing services provider, Siamrajathanee (SO), to capitalize opportunities from existing 1k industrial clients in EEC area.

Comment: Now this was a surprise, but a great move for both parties, SO its an outsourcing provider of staff/drivers/cleaners etc, now they can directly access WHA’s customer base.

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