MGT: allots Bt200m budget for M&A, aiming to branch out from industrial chemical to F&B, pharmaceutical & cosmetics chem solutions eyes 20% revenue growth target.

Comment: Why don’t they just say they’ll do cannabis and watch the share price rise 20-30%?

MINT: board approved issuance 2 tranches of warrants total 341.26m units to existing holders with maturity in 2 & 3 years (MINT-W8: 29 to 1, exercise 1:1 @Bt 28 & MINT-W9: 32:1, exercise 1:1 @ Bt 31), XW May 6.

Comment: So will this keep the share price buoyant until May?

PLANB: sets Bt 1b capex to add digital display in 7-11, target 1.5k branches coverage by end of year.

TFG: upbeat FY21 outlook from strong swine selling price, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target, issue free warrants (TFG-W3) for existing holders 10:1, XW April 29.

Comment: There’s a ridiculous amount of warrants hitting the markets.

THAI: banks & corporate bond holders veto 70% haircut proposal, deadline for debt rehab plan submission on March 2 (tomorrow).

Comment: It’s all up to the creditors/planners now, the Board/shareholders have zero impact on this.

TSE: reported completions of 8mw floating solar, target cod within 2Q21, lifts total 308mw, 147nw Onikoube solar projects in Japan on track to cod 2H22.

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