KWE Beteiligungen AG bought 420k DHC shares on Mar 28, thus increasing its stake from 13.89% to 14.49% (10.14mn shares).

Comment: They make boxes and cartons, think that it’s the VN equivalent of UTP, and they’ve shown the same revenue/profit growth trends.

FLC Chairman Held by Police for Alleged Stock Manipulation: Police investigation agency under the ministry conducted investigation of Quyet and other individuals from FLC Group, BOS Securities Corp. and other companies for allegedly manipulating stock and concealing information in securities activities conducted on Jan. 10. Acts allegedly damaged investors, affected the operation of Vietnam’s stock market. The chairman authorized Deputy CEO Vu Dang Hai Yen to represent him in his duties as chairman of the group and Bamboo Airways.

Comment: We all knew that these co’s were POS’s

Ngo Thi Ngoc Lieu, mother of BoD Member Cao Tan Thach, registered to sell 100k NLG shares via order-matching and block trade methods from Apr 01 to Apr 30. If successful, her stake would be decreased from 2.78mn shares to 2.68mn shares.

Comment: The mother is selling!!!!!!!!!!! yawn…

NVL VN According to the documents prepared for the upcoming 2022 AGM, NVL sets its 2022 business targets including revenue of VND35.97trl (+141.4% YoY) and PAT of VND6.5trl (+88.15% YoY). Besides, co. plans to issue max 482.6bn bonus shares at the ratio of 100:25 and max 482.6bn shares to pay stock dividend at the rate of 25%, expected time will be within 2022. Moreover, co. also proposes to issue max 1.5% of total outstanding shares at the issuance time at the price of no less than VND10,000/share. Expected time will be in 2022 or 2023 but no later than 2Q23.

In the 2022 AGM, BoD approved the 2022 target including VND10.7trl in revenue (+29% YoY) and VND2.91trl in PAT (+56% YoY). Moreover, BoD also approved to pay the 2021 stock dividend at the ratio 100:36.3, expected in 2Q22 after getting SSC’s approval.

Shareholders approved SZC’s 2022 guidance for total income (including revenue, financial income and other income) of VND775bn (USD34mn; +6% YoY) and NPAT-MI of VND184bn (USD8mn; -43% YoY).

Vietnam’s Vinfast to build US$2b electric vehicle factory in U.S. Automaker VinFast said on Tuesday it has signed a preliminary deal to initially invest US$2b to build a factory in North Carolina to make electric buses, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) along with batteries for EVs. The unit of Vietnam’s biggest conglomerate Vingroup, said it plans to have a total investment of US$4b in its first U.S. factory complex. Construction should begin this year as soon as the company gets necessary permits, and is expected to finish by July 2024. The plant’s initial capacity will be 150,000 units per year, Vinfast said. U.S. President Joe Biden said the VinFast investment, which will create more than 7,000 jobs, is “the latest example of my economic strategy at work.”

Comment: I don’t know how VIN is going to make $. Yes yes, I understand that Vin Group is investing in the future, but unlike tesla, this isn’t an energy company. It’s a de facto SOE competing against global giantssee malaysia for the last such attempt.

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