Ok given that I do receive a silly amount of emails in the every morning regarding which Thai stocks have news accouncments we’ve decided here to compile and simply list it out b/c the majority of the news announcments are in the Thai papers. We’ll keep this going for as long as we feel its useful for this site, our comments will be in italics below each point 🙂

CENTEL Centara to launch 30 economy hotels – Centara Hotels & Resorts, the country’s leading hotel and resort chain, plans to launch an economy hotel segment to cash in on fast-growing demand from travelers. The segment will come under the Cosi Hotels brand and become the group’s sixth brand. Construction of the first economy hotel will start some time next year on Bangkok’s Ratchadaphisek Road. It is expected to be open in early 2015. (The Bangkok Post, 07/12/12)

Fantastic move on the part of CENTEL, ERW is currently the only player in this market and has been doing very well partnering with the IBIS brand, there’s plenty of room in the market for another player

GUNKUL More investment in renewable energy coming up — GUNKUL plans to invest more in renewable energy in 2013 to bring it to 100MW from 83MW now. This will increase earnings by 61% in 2013 and 72% in 2014. Management expects to conclude its electricity project in Myanmar next year. (Tun Hoon, 7/12/12)

One of the few Thai companies that is actively involved in Myanmar, their trading co has been set up there for the past 15 or so years if memory serves correct and this recent event is in line with management’s plans that they announced 3 years ago

PJW High growth next year, fuelled by strong demand — PJW targets revenue growth of 20-25% next year, from strong customer demand. The company said that it is also conducting a study on setting up a pharmaceutical manufacturing factory and expects to make a decision by mid-2013. It expects 4Q12 earnings to grow QoQ due to seasonality. (Khao Hoon, 07/12/12)

Never looked @ PJW before, but a pharma manufacturing factory sounds interesting.

PS Good presales in November — PS reports good presales of Bt3.3bn in November, +11.6% MoM, higher than the monthly average of Bt1.9bn in 1Q12, Bt2.3bn in 2Q12 and Bt2.7bn in 3Q12. This brings the total of presales in 11M12 to Bt27bn or ~92% of its full year target (Bt29.3bn). TH led with the largest presales growth of 25% MoM, while SDH and condo presales were flat. (Source: Company)

I’m still amazed by how well this company continues to perform

TTA Turnaround in 2012-13 — TTA announced that it expects a turnaround in its 2012-13 earnings and expects earnings to grow by 15-20% next year as it sees a recovery in the shipping business. The company also says that it aims to buy 7-8 new ships next year. Moreover, its subsidiary company has also signed with an oil company from Saudi Arabia for a job worth US$530mn. (Tun Hoon, 07/12/12)

A stupidly cheap stock but their recent announcment to raise capital 1:1 makes us wary of this for the next few months

UAC Studying JV for power plant — UAC is looking at joining with QTC to build a new 10MW power plant. The deal is expected to be concluded 1Q13. The company expects profit to hit Bt130mn even though revenue target was missed due to shipping delays. Revenues are expected to grow by 25-30% next year. (Khao Hoon, 07/12/12)

Good  management, he’s gone from growing a petrochem product trading biz to trying to have recurring income

WHA WHA targets to grow 30% in 2013 from expected Bt2.2 bn sales in this year. The company will invest Bt4 bn to expand 200K-300K sqm warehouses to support more than 10 pending customers. WHA will book its Bt2 bn gain on asset sold to property fund in 1Q13. (Khao Hoon, 7/12/12)

Never looked @ WHA before, it was a low float when it IPO’ed but I have a natural love for anything related to warehouses, industrial estates as its related to Thailand’s position as a manufacturing hub for automotives and electronic co’s, could be interesting, but the valuations today have me scared, mkt cap 10bn baht, sales 2.2bn baht…no thank you.

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