Notable Transactions


  • E – Evolution capital, the Srichawala group and the founders of E recently joined up with, theres a story to be told here perhaps in  later post
  • MINT – The founder puts more weight behind his own shares
  • SIRI – The president buys the warrant (hence the lower price), I’ve told the story here enough times already


  • ITD – Is the seller worried about 1.) The Dawei project not going through and/or 2.) ITD’s massive debt/equity
  • MINT – Well now thats odd! The Founder buys more and a director sells
  • NWR – This company has had a fantastic run since I last visited them, the story was straight forward and I think the price @ this level has run its course. Not a surprise to see mgmt/major shareholders sell.

  1. Hi Pon.

    I enjoy the comments you add to the “Notable Transaction” section. This section is an important clue to what is really going to happen in the near future to that particular stock and the management gives it away by either buying or selling their shares in large lots. If not, why would management buy a large amount of their own stock unless things were looking up in a positive way? This is one of the important clues I use on deciding on buying a particular stock…is it possible for you to expand your comments more on the buying side as to why there is so much buying going on in that particular stock?


    • Hi Tony,

      I wouldn’t be able to provide such information on every stock b/c I don’t know the events of each 500 co’s in the market unfortunately, but I will try to on the companies that I know info on but as always I can’t promise that is/are the key reason(s) mgmt are buying their own shares.

      Thanks again for reading 🙂


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