A few months ago I had a discussion with the research department of a regional sell-side team and one of the junior’s on the team had put together a fantastic internal analysis on the high correlation between Google Trends and tourism visits to Thailand. Now I can’t put up their magic sauce here because its naturally their own IP but I’m sure a few of you clever folks can put something together and figure it out.

For $hits and giggles I decided just to see the what is the Google Trend for “Flights to Thailand” and see below

Chart 1: 2004 – Present
Chart 2: Last 12 months
Table 1: Related topics/queries

Source: Google Trends

The few things you can quickly take away from this are:

  1. There is still interest and actual visitors to Thailand
  2. In the past 12 months there has been an increase in Indian Tourists
  3. Where’s the Chinese tourists?? Well they don’t use Google…

Have fun going down this rabbit hole because if you can figure it out then it shall be easier to invest/trade AOT, ERW, CENTEL, MINT, VRANDA

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