BANPU in jv with Dura Power to open Lithium Ion battery in China with 1 Gwh capacity.

A debt default by PACE will likely dampen other prop developers’ ability to issue new debentures, warns a property industry source.

Comment: Absolute bull$hit, AP, LH, PSH, ANAN can (and have) all easily issue debentures/bonds at rates below bank lending rates. But if you’re a small property company with one or two residential condo projects at this time in the cycle, then of course they won’t be able to raise capital at the low rates that others have in the past few years. 

RPC will bk Bt200m gains from divestment of 30% holding in LNG depot (TPP) worth Bt1b to SGP in 4Q.

SAWAD’s subsidiary, BFIT, reports 3Q at Bt321.6m +191% yoy, SAWAD holds 77.95% in BFIT.

Comment: Remember they bought BFIT to ensure that legally they met the license requirements. As a result of this acquisition a lot of the business has been filtered through BFIT with a fee going to SAWAD, a little bit of homework will yield you the answers you want for this. 

  1. It is amazing investor psychology, TMB Is trading at slightly above the TSR price so close to the final trading date. Retail investors rallied up the price close to 20% leading up to the XR date and now down again almost like a Christmas tree. I will never understand investor psychology.

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