Stanley Weiss has come out with another op-ed piece on Thailand, this time discussing the need for Thailand to have a Bill of Rights.

Over the past century, Thailand has endured colonial aggression, two world wars and neighboring civil wars on every one of its borders. It has survived extreme nationalism, home-grown fascism, aggressive communism and stifling dictatorship. It has persevered through 18 military coups, survived economic collapse, withstood periods of widespread starvation and navigated a ubiquitous regional drug trade. And after all that, Thailand has emerged as the region’s second-largest economy, with the broadest-based prosperity in its history.

The primary author of America’s Bill of Rights, James Madison, once wrote that “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Only time will tell if Bangkok, Thailand’s “City of Angels,” will give in to Lilliputian solutions or summon the bold thinking that is worthy of a great nation.

Source: Huffington Post

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