1. Cryptocurrency draft draws flak: Qualifications bar majority of Thais. A draft of qualifications for cryptocurrency investment by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is sparking heavy criticism from the public as it effectively bars the majority of Thais from trading digital currency by requiring them to have annual income of 1 million baht. Bangkok Post
  2. Excise mulls delaying drink tax hike: Deferment aims to reduce financial burden for makers of sugary beverages. The Excise Department is considering freezing the step-up hike of the excise levy placed on drinks with a sugar-based sweetener to reduce business operators’ financial burdens. Bangkok Post
  3. International passengers will be allowed to transit at SIA and other airports in Thailand from today, on-board drinking & in-flight meals allowed on domestic flights, Civil Aviation authority.
  4. Thai Chamber of Commerce expects recovery exports figure 2Q after marine department requires only 1 time registration for container vessels length more than 300m but not exceed 400m to recover a 2 year permit to dock at Laemchabang deep sea port to ease containers shortage problem.
  5. Corporate bond issuance climbs above B100bn: New long-term corporate bond issuance exceeded 100 billion baht in the first two months of this year, as corporations prepare for a splurge of investment once the economy begins to recover ahead of a potential rise in interest rates. Bangkok Post
  6. Developers among the first to proffer initial coin offerings: SET-listed property developer SC Asset will soon launch an initial coin offering (ICO) in what will be the first of its kind in Thailand, after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved trading of real asset tokens this month. Bangkok Post
  7. Asset warehouse scheme predicted in 2 months: The asset warehousing programme is expected to be implemented in the next two months amid calls urging the Bank of Thailand to expand the assistance scope to cover low-cost airlines, says the Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA). Bangkok Post
  8. Constitutional Court is set to rule on March 11 whether parliament has the power to open the way for a rewrite of the charter in its entirety.
  9. A panel of advisers at Public Health Min suggested private companies be allowed to import another 15-20 m doses of Covid-19 vaccine by the end of this yr. Four hospital groups have so far applied for permits, BDMS, BCH, KDH, and RAM (VIBHA).
  10. Energy Minister said Army’s 30,000 MW solar energy projects have yet to be included in PDP, due to current excess capacity and reserves.

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