1. TH April Manufacturing PMI 50.7 vs 48.8 in March; year ago 36.8.
  2. Jabs, rising exports may boost GDP: Expansion could reach 3% for 2021. A new state-private vaccination plan and good export prospects may help Thailand secure 1.5-3% GDP growth this year despite economic uncertainties caused by the third wave of Covid-19, says the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Bangkok Post
  3. BoT to slash growth outlook: The fresh wave of Covid-19 infections has the Bank of Thailand likely to slash its economic growth forecast for this year from a previous prediction of 3%. Bangkok Post
  4. Covid claims projected to pass B500m: Total Covid-19 insurance claims since policies launched in March 2020 are expected to reach 500 million baht as of the end of April, spurred by a surge last month, says Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC) secretary-general Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn. Bangkok Post
  5. Regulator expected to extend subsidy on electricity bills: Energy authorities are preparing to extend the power discount period for households and businesses to reduce monthly expenses during the third wave due to work-from-home orders. Bangkok Post
  6. Govt unveils B225bn relief plan: 51m affected by Covid to benefit. The government will hand out 7,000 baht each for four million people with high purchasing power and launch a new phase of “Khon La Khrueng” co-payment scheme as part of a new relief package worth 225 billion baht. Bangkok Post
  7. BoT slashes its GDP forecast again: Jab procurement key to ensuring growth. The Bank of Thailand (BoT) slashed Thailand’s economic growth forecast for 2021 yesterday for the second time this year to 1-2%, largely depending on the procurement and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Bangkok Post
  8. Foreigners to get ‘equal access’: Jab booking systems to get upgrade to include everyone. Three million foreigners living in Thailand have as much right to Covid-19 vaccinations as Thais because the goal is to achieve herd immunity, the government declared yesterday. Bangkok Post
  9. Cases must drop for sandbox scheme: Only 22% of Phuket is fully inoculated. The number of Covid-19 cases in Phuket must reach zero before it reopens to foreign tourists on July 1 as scheduled under the sandbox scheme, says Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the tourism and sports minister. Bangkok Post
  10. SET scraps calculation method revision: The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has decided not to revise its calculation method regarding free-float adjusted market capitalisation for the SET50, SET100 and SETHD indices after a survey revealed most market participants disagreed with the change. Bangkok Post
  1. Hello -I am not a fan of blaming everything on convid for the current situation – the bigger picture should have been looked at to realise the financial and psychological effects of this event – the economy is shattered and holding out the carrot for Jabs is not fundamentally sound economic advice. 300 plus people dead and most from other causes – yet the THai people and the economy is wrecked for many generations. It is appalling to think this jab will do anything as its manufacturers dont even submit to the fact that it will stop nothing. The BKP is the worst for inflaming the situation as the narrative changed from we’re all going to die to you will get infected and the change of you dying is less than 1% – The World has certainly gone crazy as well and is dreaming of economic recover – the big storm looming is that in their haste to get things rolling again they roll out a experimental vaccine in other countries it has now mutated into a monster and the Indian strain is upon us. More fear more lock downs more isolation to what end – so we can look forward to convid 25 and beyond –

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