1. North, Isan provinces ravaged by ‘Sinlaku’: Tropical Storm Sinlaku has ravaged the North and Northeast of Thailand, bringing downpours and floods to over 1,300 households in 10 provinces. Bangkok Post
  2. Panel jittery over delay in stimulus : Resignations leave projects in doldrums. The Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking (JSCCIB) has expressed fresh concern over the delay in disbursement of the 400-billion-baht stimulus package as the government has yet to announce new economic ministers to fill the political vacuum. Bangkok Post
  3. Bullion rallies but risks remain : Gold prices have been riding a high as the pandemic and geopolitical uncertainties linger, with anticipation of a bullion rally reaching US$2,000 per ounce looming on the horizon. Bangkok Post
  4. UTCC: 11.4% contraction in GDP forecast for 2020 : Thailand’s economy is likely to contract by as much as 11.4% this year, its worst showing, attributed largely to the pandemic impact, volatile foreign exchange, widespread drought and the continued US-China trade spat. Bangkok Post 
  5. PM vows to change charter : Govt to present own rewrite bill version. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has vowed to push for constitutional amendments, saying the government will present its own version of a charter rewrite bill in the next parliamentary session. Bangkok Post
  6. Dual prices on agenda : Operators urged to target expat market. The Tourism and Sports Ministry plans to propose to the prime minister the idea of ditching dual pricing at local attractions for expatriates in Thailand, as well as asking tour operators to tailor packages to this target group. Bangkok Post
  7. TNSC: 15% export decline if 2nd-half rebound falters : Exports may contract by as much as 15% this year if the country averages just US$16.4 billion a month in the second half of the year, according to a group of Thai exporters. Bangkok Post
  8. EEC Office readies BoI-style tax incentives for SEZ investors : The Eastern Economic Corridor Office is set to offer privileges directly to investors in special economic zones in the three provinces of the EEC. Bangkok Post
  9. China accuses US of ‘bullying’: China accused the United States yesterday of “bullying” over popular video app TikTok, after President Donald Trump ramped up pressure for its US operations to be sold to an American company. Bangkok Post
  10. MPC sticks with 0.50%, eyes baht : The Bank of Thailand’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted to keep its policy rate unchanged at 0.50% yesterday and will continue monitoring the baht’s strength as capital inflows result from abundant global liquidity. Bangkok Post
  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @2.: a delay in government projects would be really worrying as they are among the very few things somewhat still propping up thailand’s economy. tourism – well, no need to speak about it; exports down; private consumption surely down too…

    i think that proceeding with public projects and speedily disbursing budgets for these is currently helping more than throwing money at a tourism industry which likely won’t recover much until there is a widely available and effective vaccine against covid.

    in context with the above, regarding 4., it looks like thailand can be glad if the GDP minus this year will ONLY be 11.4 %… of course i’d be very happy if proven wrong!

    • With the handouts (finished), bank loan holidays done by Sept, and the track record of this group being slow to disburse projects => a rather -ve domestic outlook for the coming period.

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