1. Ministry cuts oil price, keeps LPG subsidy : The Energy Ministry has cut the exrefinery oil price by 0.5 baht and will continue to subsidise gas purchases as part of its ongoing measures to provide relief to an economy battered by Covid-19. Bangkok Post
  2. Cabinet gives the nod to B3.3tn fiscal budget bill : The cabinet yesterday approved a bill for the fiscal 2021 budget of 3.3 trillion baht which will be tabled to parliament, government spokeswoman Narumon Pinyosinwat said. Bangkok Post
  3. Domestic tourism gets triple booster : B22.4bn packages to run through October. The cabinet yesterday approved in principle three stimulus packages worth 22.4 billion baht to reinvigorate domestic tourism hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Bangkok Post
  4. Overseas commercial flight ban might not end on July 1 : The ban on commercial international flights might not be lifted on July 1 as originally planned and, if and when the ban is scrapped, business people will likely be the first to be allowed to travel, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT). Bangkok Post
  5. TCT queries tourism stimulus deal : Council says only big operators will benefit. The Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) is crying foul over the 22.4-billion-baht tourism stimulus package, saying it will mostly benefit big hotel operators and leave behind the small and mediumsized businesses that account for 75% of the sector. Bangkok Post
  6. Thailand’s competitiveness ranking dips : Thailand has fallen four places to 29th in IMD’s world competitiveness rankings for 2020, weighed down by a decline in rankings for economic performance and government efficiency. Bangkok Post
  7. ACT shake-up ‘prelude’ to reshuffle: PPRP: The abrupt resignation of Labour Minister MR Chatu Mongol Sonakul on Tuesday as leader of the Action Coalition for Thailand (ACT) was a prelude to an imminent cabinet shake-up, according to a source within the ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP). Bangkok Post
  8. ADB predicts steeper GDP contraction : The Thai economy is estimated to shrink by 6.5% this year, eroding from a 4.8% contraction seen previously, as the coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on domestic consumption and investment and pummels outbound merchandise and services, says the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Bangkok Post
  9. Thai investors granted ownership of firms in Japan : Thai investors can take complete ownership of service businesses in Japan after the recent ratification of the first protocol to amend the Asean-Japan Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP). Bangkok Post
  10. Car exports down 35% in first five months of 2020 : Thailand’s car exports fell 35% year-on-year in the first five months of 2020 to 158.7 billion baht in value, pressured by the global economic slowdown and travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus crisis. Bangkok Post
    • Best rally in the past few months…fed asset buying is gone this and next month…not many market commentators mentioning it….repo is safe for now due to the fed/us treasury controlling it.

      Wonder if anyone will ask the Thai gov that if this wuflu/kung flu/chinese virus/covid-19/sars-cov-2 is gone in 11-14 days, why after 28 days of no local cases do we still have to wear masks or is there something we don’t know?

      • the repo market is gone as well as the shadow banking system
        only being propped up by QE 69 and making massive debt that will wipe out the middle class with mortgages kids etc. Trillions being printed and trillions more to come. Unsustainable.

        CV19 – i think it was best said that never before has the mass media made such a concentrated effort to destabilize the country (doesnt matter which one) through false narrative – and in the run up to the USA elections it will probably get a lot worse = therein lies answers

        Why the extended lock down = All governments around the world didnt know what to do and so followed WHO guidelines book. Now they are beginning to understand the massive debt issue, unemployment, crashes. All this has to be paid back.

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