1. Opposition to target economy, corruption in censure debate : The opposition is ready to censure the government for its mishandling of the economy, policies it says benefit big businesses and alleged corruption in government agencies, according to Pheu Thai Party chief strategist Sudarat Keyuraphan. Bangkok Post
  2. Govt preps B50bn for stimulus : Big cash injection eyed to fix ailing economy . The Finance Ministry will tomorrow put forward for cabinet consideration a fresh economic stimulus package to inject at least 50 billion baht into the economy in the final quarter of the year to boost full-year economic growth after a poor third quarter. Bangkok Post
  3. Unemployment records Q3 increase : The unemployment rate in the third quarter edged up from the same period last year and the previous quarter because of a slowing economy, floods in the Northeast and drought in some parts of the country. Bangkok Post
  4. Triple-threat circular flow stimulus package goes to cabinet : A three-pronged economic stimulus package, which includes generating money flows in the economic system and giving people better access to mortgages, will seek cabinet approval today. Bangkok Post
  5. Govt rolls out B144bn stimulus : Uttama backs move to bolster economy . The government has rolled out further stimulus measures intended to inject about 144 billion baht into the economy to boost full-year economic growth to 2.8% and maintain momentum into the first quarter of next year. Bangkok Post
  6. BoT boss signals upheaval ahead : Surplus of liquidity brings complications . Demographic shifts, climate change, alterations in value chains, digital transformation and excess global liquidity with historically high leverage are major trends that have implications for the economy through 2025, says the chief of the Bank of Thailand. Bangkok Post
  7. S44 panel vote sparks walkout : The House of Representatives was thrown into turmoil after both sides were locked in conflict over voting for a panel to study the effects of orders issued under Section 44. Bangkok Post
  8. TDRI sceptical of cash rebate impact : The recently approved Baan Dee Mee Down, a 50,000-baht cash rebate programme, is unlikely to help boost the country’s property market much because the impact will be limited and fleeting, says the Thailand Development Research Institute. Bangkok Post
  9. Car market confident 2020 sales will hit 1m : Sector sees recovery in year’s second half . Local car distributors remain optimistic that the car market will reach 1 million sold for a third straight year in 2020, with an economic recovery predicted in next year’s second half. Bangkok Post
  10. Household debt up 7.4% in 2019 amid economic woes : The slowing economy has triggered a surge in household debt of 7.4% this year, says the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC). Bangkok Post
  1. Stimulus packages referred to don’t make sense to me…. Any government stimulus initiated in late November will have no material effect on Thai economy in 2019 due to lag effect, in my opinion.

    • peter satrapa-binder

      it depends what they do and this is not mentioned in detail. of course there may be very short-term measures to quickly shore up the economy in december 2019 (like the Chim Chop Chai programs) and just to improve the numbers for now, but i’d say that long-term measures which definitely will take effect in 2020 or later only will very probably make more sense in the long term…

  2. If this trade tension increases it would be more difficult for thai govt to keep good relations with US,
    it wasn’t the right time to make a HK-thailand agreement, SET is going down very fast already.

    ~ praya ~

    • This is what happens when benefits go towards a few major groups and not more broadly throughout an economy. Plus Thailand’s already achieved 2 of the 3 D’s, debt(consumer) & demographics, perhaps at one point deflation will hit.

    • peter satrapa-binder

      yes, when i saw these news i though that – hmm, maybe HK is not the best partner for an agreement right now…

      at the very least the agreement won’t have a very big positive economic impact for thailand i guess…

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