1. NBTS said postponing 5G license payment proposal is in conflict with TORs and a special order under Article 44 is needed, otherwise would sure to result in further lawsuits.
  2. Transport Ministry to sign TH-China high-speed rail projects today, total 3 contracts worth Bt27b, China State Construction-NWR-AS Associate consortium wins Bt11.525b, ITD’s Bt6.57b and UNIQ wins Bt9.429b.
  3. Thai Hotel Association expects 80% of hotels from entire industry to apply for assets warehousing program as accrued debts topped Bt32b.
  4. Phuket joy over govt reopen plan: Province first to waive quarantine. The private sector in Phuket has welcomed the government’s reopening plan to allow vaccinated foreign tourists to visit the resort island from July 1 which is expected to pull in more than 84 billion baht. Bangkok Post
  5. Operators call for sandbox scheme to include Bangkok: Bangkok should be included in the tourism sandbox scheme for October that allows vaccinated visitors to enter without quarantine, or else Thailand will miss its goal of 6.5 million foreign tourists this year, say tourism operators. Bangkok Post
  6. Cabinet approves plan to set up national pension fund: The cabinet has agreed to set up a national pension fund that would force employees out of provident funds and cut the public budget. Bangkok Post
  7. Excise tax collection up on robust car, beer sales: Car and beer sales are recovering vigorously, resulting in a surge of excise tax revenue collection by the Excise Department from the two products for the first five months of fiscal 2021. Bangkok Post
  8. Government is set to roll out 2nd phase of the One Million Houses low-cost housing scheme worth Bt30-50b with a fixed rate of 2% for 10 years to help low-income earners buy a home and stimulate the domestic property sector.
  9. Survey: Weak spending during Songkran festival: People’s spending during the upcoming Songkran festival is expected to dive by 17% from 2019 to 113 billion baht, the lowest in nine years, as people remain worried about the pandemic and weak purchasing power, according to a survey conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC). Bangkok Post
  10. BoT urged to keep credit card measure: The credit card club of the Thai Bankers’ Association has proposed the central bank maintain a minimum debt payment measure for credit cards to help alleviate the financial burden on consumers during the country’s uneven economic recovery. Bangkok Post
  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @5: if one wants to include bangkok in the sandbox scheme, then most or all bangkok residents should be vaccinated until the start of the scheme. are health authorities up to that big task and will there be enough vaccine doses available until then?

    also, you’d have to check bangkok residents travelling to provinces without vaccinated people. phuket is relatively easy in this respect…

      • peter satrapa-binder

        sure they aren’t – it was a rather rhetorical question…

        lockdowns/semi-lockdowns/other restrictions: now the first scare arrived already; the clusters in the ekkamai/thonglor pubs – 1 week BEFORE songkrahn. so maybe we won’t even have to wait that long!

        • Just imagine how paranoid a specific percentage of the world population is going to be of germs when they start traveling. Which pharma name should we buy………..

  2. There is a big trial going to happen in Nuremburg and it is being prosecuted by the same lawyer that brought down VW for fraud Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – he was offered over 100 million EU to go away and did not – he has recruited 1000’s of lawyers around the World and 1000’s of medical opinions to expose this hoax for what it is! = not my words but this is what is happening in the highest court in the World – most of those accused will be called to give testimony and be cross examined, Google, FB, Twitter, DAVOS heads, politicians, Gates, doctors etc. – at least we will finally know the truth. However, the psychological damages done to people and especially kids will be hard to undo. The financial damages will take generations to pay off, if ever. The Nuremburg code specifically states that drug experiments on human cannot take place and as the vax is still in trials and as it is generically modified nano lipid you cannot be forced to take it. This is not a conspiracy theory and is going to take place in Nuremburg soon. However in the meantime the vax program will be rolled out to open up some areas, but as history has show there will be more infections (same as the seasonal flu) however the media has scared everyone into believing that we’re all going to die and this is far from the truth – Keep up the good blog and I read it every monday

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