1. Last week’s gubernatorial and council races are bad omens for Palang Pracharath, which faces a drubbing at the next national poll, write: The results of the gubernatorial race and the city council election on May 22 are troubling developments for the Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) with political analysts agreeing the ruling party is unlikely to repeat its 2019 poll success in Bangkok. Bangkok Post
  2. PM eyes rice hike plan with Vietnam: Critics say it may backfire, profit rivals. Thailand and Vietnam are looking into the possibility of working together to raise rice prices to increase their bargaining power in the global market, government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said. Bangkok Post
  3. Oil Fuel Fund asks for liquidity boost: Office looks for a lifeline as it continues to subsidise rising diesel costs. The Oil Fuel Fund Office is asking the government to inject money into the fund from its central budget to increase its liquidity as it continues to subsidise the price of diesel, says office director Wisak Watanasap. Bangkok Post
  4. Don’t turn off the tap just yet: Businesses want a long-term economic plan down the line, but still cling to state stimulus measures. Whether the government should bid farewell to economic stimulus measures became a source of debate after the topic was raised by an economist at Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). Bangkok Post
  5. MPI labours amid conflict: Manufacturers hit by surging oil prices. The Manufacturing Production Index (MPI) edged up 0.56% year-on-year in April amid the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war. Thailand’s Manufacturing Production Index (MPI) managed to increase slightly in April, rising 0.56% year-onyear to 91.79 points amid the prolonged impact of the Russia-Ukraine war. Bangkok Post
  6. Tourism hit by safety, security woes: Thailand drops down global index. Thailand’s ranking in the Travel and Tourism Development Index 2021 dropped to 36th from 35th place, with safety and security plunging to the lower end of the table, while neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam posted improvements.. Bangkok Post
  7. April arrivals bring more signs of continued revival: The Thai economy in April showed signs of improvement in all areas, particularly the tourism sector, supported by the relaxation of travel restrictions. According to the Bank of Thailand, the country’s economy in April improved from the previous month. In particular, the tourism sector picked up thanks to both local and foreign tourists, in line with easing Covid-19 containment measures in Thailand and loosened border rules. Bangkok Post
  8. Newly-elected BKK governor Chadchart named 4 deputies and outlined 4 urgent issues to tackle, including the Green Line electric train dispute, on his 1st day at work as Bangkok’s 17th governor yesterday.
  9. EV sales set to rise by up to 20% this year: Growth in the Thai automotive market is expected to maintain its momentum throughout the year, with electric vehicle (EV) sales projected to expand by 15- 20%, according to the latest estimate from the organiser of the Thailand International Motor Expo. Bangkok Post
  10. EU sanctions keep oil prices high for 1-2 years: The EU’s latest decision to ban most oil imports from Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine is expected to keep energy prices elevated for 1-2 years, says Kobsak Pootrakul, senior executive vice-president of Bangkok Bank. Bangkok Post

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