1. MPI increases for 6th straight month: Thailand’s manufacturing production index (MPI) in October dipped by 0.54% year-on-year, but authorities believe domestic industry is approaching its pre-outbreak momentum as monthly MPI has been rising since May. Bangkok Post
  2. Kingdom signs deal to secure vaccine: Thailand officially signed an agreement yesterday with AstraZeneca securing the kingdom’s access to the company’s Covid-19 vaccine and authorising the right for a local manufacturer to produce it. Bangkok Post
  3. Border security beefed up: Migrants paying to be smuggled across. The authorities are strengthening security along the Myanmar border to block illegal entry – and vowing to prosecute anyone who helps to sneak people in – after a Thai woman tested positive for Covid-19 after returning home. Bangkok Post
  4. Tourism Industry Council of Chiang Mai and seven other groups in the tourist-reliant province vowed to pay Bt100K to anyone who contracted Covid-19 while visiting the province and Bt1m if fatal.
  5. Six more linked to Myanmar hotspot : Six more Thai nationals, including a Bangkok resident, have been confirmed to have Covid-19 after they returned from an entertainment venue in neighbouring Myanmar, the same location where the first four confirmed cases were believed to have contracted the coronavirus, the Public Health Ministry said yesterday. Bangkok Post
  6. Ministry sees four-year test for tourism sector: Record 40m foreign arrivals out of reach. The tourism industry, which accounts for 12% of Thailand’s GDP, is expected to take at least four years to recover to the pre-pandemic levels, says the Finance Ministry. Bangkok Post
  7. The Constitutional Court’s unanimous vote to clear PM of a conflict of interest in staying in an army house after his retirement has sparked outrage among anti-government protesters who vowed to step up campaign.
  8. C19 special econ panel signed off shopping subsidy stimulus phase 2, 5m rights opening for registration on December 16, Bt3,500 credit each, topped up Bt500 credits for phase 1 subscribers valid thru end March 21
  9. Health authorities confirmed yesterday the Covid-19 situation – in relation to the 10 Thai returnees from Myanmar’s border town of Tachilek – was under control. The confirmation was made despite the fact a man in Chiang Rai was later found to have contracted the virus from the returnees.
  10. BOT has relaxed Banks’ capital rule from “stricter than International standard” to “International standard” allowing easier path to add Tier 1, capital mobilizations and development payment.

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