1. Tourism authority (TAT) mulls propose domestic tourism stimulus phase 5 total 2m rooms for cabinet approval tomorrow, expects prog last thru end of April 23, Khaosod.
  2. Excise Department considers EV battery subsidy to reduce price of EVs, contemplating options whether to subsidize the price of whole battery or subsidy for the entire production process: positive EA & GPSC.
  3. BOT will not extend easing mortgage lending rules after expire eo-FY22, shift Loan-to-Value (LTV) back pre-Covid. First home price <Bt 10m LTV 100%; >Bt 10m 90% limit. Second home 80% & 70% limit for a third home.
  4. Tourism authority (TAT) sees promising sign from Asia & South Pacific markets, with 15,778 flights featuring 2.87m seats confirmed for the final 2 months, projecting 18m international arrivals in FY23, of which 72% (13m) would come from short-haul markets.
  5. Ministry of Transportation reported October air passenger traffic at 3.031m +146.62% from 1.229m 9M22 average, +42.66% from 2.125m in September. Oct inbound passengers came at 1.563m +153.09% from 617k 9M22 average.
  6. Department of Energy Business (DOEB) reported 9M22 fuel consumption +15.5% yoy to 150.24m liter/day, diesel +18.5%, jet A1 +84%, bunker +19.2%, LPG +8.9%, ngv +9.5%, benzene +5.4%; kerosene -8.1%.
  7. TAT predicts 18m foreign arrivals in 2023: Tourism leaders are projecting 18 million foreign arrivals in 2023 while holding out little hope the Chinese market will return anytime soon, says the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Bangkok Post
  8. Charter vote wins House nod: Referendum on poll day ‘will save money’. The House of Representatives yesterday unanimously voted for an opposition sponsored motion calling for a referendum on the drafting of a new constitution, after the voting was deferred for more than one month. Bangkok Post
  9. Regional economic outlook mixed: IMF says Asia and Thailand could see broad-based growth slowdown amid elevated inflation. Asia’s strong economic rebound early this year is losing momentum, with a weaker than expected second quarter. The International Monetary Fund has cut growth forecasts for Asia and the Pacific to 4% this year and 4.3% next year, which are well below the 5.5% average over the last two decades. Bangkok Post
  10. Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to open bid submission for 5,203mw renewable PPA from November 4-25, results out March 15,23.
  1. peter satrapa-binder

    just some thoughts:

    @7. not much hope regarding chinese tourists: i guess that has been rather obvious for quite awhile and will remain so as long as china does not change its policy regarding covid. i think india is the new hoe now.

    @9. economic outlook: well, if thailand would be able to achieve the forecast average of 4 % for the region in 2022 and also 2023, this would still be way better than the app. 2% achieved for the last year pre-covid (2019)! 🙂

    • I can just imagine in 12-24 months from now…india + china tourists to TH, 40 mn run-rate will be smashed.

      Sure gdp growth will look great, inflation helps.

      • peter satapa-binder

        yes, it’s well possible to get lots of tourists from both india and china i the future. but in the short term (this high season) i’d bet on the indians rather than on the chinese.

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