AOT revises down investment for Suvarnabhumi Phase 2 by Bt10bn from Bt62bn. The bidding will begin at the end of this year. Revenue is expected to grow 15% this year because of the increase in passengers. The Ministry of Finance is requiring a higher dividend but this does not affect its performance. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: Is the decrease because they have stamped out some corruption or really because Thailand has no $ and the MOF needs the cash.

Profit this year because ABC plans to sell 4,000 rai at Cha-am Hua-Hin with a gross margin of 70-80%. It will begin to sell in in 3Q15. It will eliminate retained losses of over Bt50mn and pay its first dividend in ten years. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: Will they be selling the land on their magical ecommerce website?

Cash dividend of Bt0.0605/share approved, payment on May 27. Khun Surachet Thaweesaengsakulchi says revenue will rise at least 15% YoY on the benefit from raising backlog to Bt600mn. It expects to book revenue this year. It is also prepared to bid for numerous projects. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)

Capital increase to Bt587.99mn was approved by shareholders. This will back the stock dividend of 5 existing shares for 1 dividend share or equal to a cash dividend of Bt0.1 per share. CSS shareholders also approved to buy Neonwork Communication. It says its business continues to trend up. It has set this year’s revenue target at Bt4.8-5bn. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)

Net profit hits new high at Bt1.558bn, 11.8% growth. The plan to buy a firm in Europe has been shelved as the firm’s parent company purchased it instead. DELTA has set its investment budget for this year at Bt1bn. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: Their growth in the past few years has just been amazing

Revenue and profit to reach its highest this year with more new project bids, worth Bt3bn, and raise in backlog to Bt8bn. The contract for the concession for the public utilities project in Laos is expected to be signed in May. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: Again the story for DEMCO is the holding in WEH, its well known the DEMCO will benefit from all the construction work required from these renewable energy projects.

1H15 better than last year at Bt1.9bn, benefitting from high season for construction. Income in 2015 is forecast to grow 4%YoY. The firm will expand abroad especially in Asia. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: I do like how DRT is expanding internationally with its sales in Laos and Cambodia

1Q15 expected to rise on loan growth and the reduction in bad debt reserve. It will do well off the interest rate cut to 1.5%. The firm will expand in Cambodia. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: Every leasing company will benefit tremendously from any rate cut.

HEMRAJ sets 1H15 sales target at 700 rai, divided into 186 rai for 1Q15. JV with WHA for expansion abroad. In addition. HEMRAJ will not de-list. Dr. Somyos plans to sell his HEMRAJ stock in order to increase stock liquidity. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: The question here is will HEMRAJ still pay out its dividend that WHA needs to repay the banks?

1Q15 earnings beat Bt12.77bn with 1,399% growth, benefit from booking extra gain from JASIF. 3BB clients grew 33% to 80,948 clients to reach 1.75mn at the end of 1Q15. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)

Approved a cash dividend Bt0.0238 per share which will be paid on May 15. To take advantage of AEC, the firm plans to expand in ASEAN. Its revenue this year will rise more than 30%. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)

The NMG shareholder meeting may be invalidated because some shareholders refused to join the meeting after registering. These shareholders notified the police at Lumpini police station. (Post Today 30/04/15)

JV with foreign company for government project. Earnings will increase significantly for at least three years from booking this revenue. It expects to get projects worth Bt30bn to raise backlog to Bt30-40bn. 1Q15 profit will be the best from booking revenue from a project for Central Group. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)

SALEE shareholders approve par split from Bt1 to Bt0.25 with cash dividend of Bt0.35 per share, paid May 26. Khun Sathit Tattwatorn says the industry shows promise, confirming a revenue rise of at least 20% with stable gross margin of 30%. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)

1H15 sales beat last year’s at Bt4bn derived from rising demand. Revenue this year will grow 56% YoY, backed by the condominium “S9”. SAMCO is scheduled to launch two new projects worth Bt2bn with a new partner, RPC. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)

Net profit reached its highest at Bt3bn, 60%YoY, due to expansion in leasing since Jan 2015. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: And the numbers continue to be fantastic for SAWAD (head banging on wall resumed)

Targets 2015 revenue at Bt4.8bn. 1Q15 revenue was Bt109bn with profit of Bt11bn, 32% growth. It expects 2Q15 earnings will be better and the second cement plant in Cambodia and Indonesia plant will run in June and the end of this year, respectively. (Khao Hoon 30/04/15)

Expects profit this year after wiping out retained losses. It targets electricity sales of 500MW from 400MW by the end of year. It has set an investment budget of Bt30bn for a renewable power project. (Thun Hoon 30/04/15)
Comment: I’m quite surprised that SUPER has the balance sheet necessary for this, its asset base is THB 5bn, equity is @ THB 4bn, although market cap is THB 46 bn, makes perfect sense doesnt it?

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