BAM firms on plan to add Bt12b NPA & NPL this year, sees commercial banks already purged Bt20b NPL in the system YTD, pays Bt1.05 dps XD Apr 8.

Comment: It helps being a government institution with access to these deals.

Banthoon Lamsam stepped down as chairman of the board of KBANK yesterday.

Comment: End of an era. I don’t see anything positive for the banks here.

PTTOR, a unit of PTT, submitted IPO filing, 2,700m share (plus 300m greenshoe), with 20.5% for retail investors.

Comment: Boom! It’s comingggg. Owning PTT is one way to automatically get access to PTTOR shares…

NBTC said cellular data usage of 3 major operators surged 11.14% in March to 795,236 terabyte on rising demand from WFH, with ADVANC jumping the most at +12.29%.

Comment: It’s good to be a leader, and NBTC has launched a program to finance this, though I do not

TPAC upbeats 1Q earnings from strong bottles sales as demand for spray bottles, portable sanitizer gel and hygenic products grows.

TVD launches promo campaigns on TV direct and online shopping during lockdown, add cleaning products & personal care items to boost sales.

  1. good for TVD. my timing was off, lost money on them in 2018. PTTOR, wtf, with the timing/market sentiment.? Foreig investors still have burnt fingers with the Robinson float. Was the delay dut to needing approval from the Govt due to them having a monolopy on small store retail outlets?

    • The legal definition of monopolies in Thailand is not the same as the Western countries. Hence why monopolies/oligpolies are easily formed here…

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