APCO upbeats 1Q earnings from strong sales of health supplements products as demand for immunity booster grows.

MTC said DSI’s officials raided its offices on March 20, following complaints about its lending rates, yet no charge was files. MTC said it charges <28% annual loan rates, in compliance with BOT’s rules.

Comment: Well they are charging high rates but hide it in the sales fee

TRC firms on Bt4b FY20 revenue target, Bt4b out of Bt8.3b total backlog to realize this year, will bid additional EPC contracts combined worth Bt10b.

Comment: Part of me think’s that construction co’s should be doing better share price wise. 

TRUBB maintained rubber sales volume target >140k tons driven by strong demand for medical supplies, sees higher THB revenue as exports recovery from ease currency.

THANI cuts FY20 new loans target to Bt20b from Bt26b as demand for big-ticket items drop, rolls out remedy package to help clients impacted from Covid-19, aims to curb NPLs below 5%.

Comment: Their customers are gone for now. Just like with most businesses. Zero growth. I wonder if they’ll see cancellations on leases…

VNT sees solid 1Q from wider margins on downstream chem sales including PVC, caustic soda and ECH, as ethelyne price drops below US$500/t, healthy free cashflows, low gearing to ride out crisis.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @TRC and construction companies’ shares: theoretically they ‘should’ have done well during the last few years, with all the government projects started but except a very short-lived intermediary uptrends that has never been the case – for most if not all companies in that SET subindex…

    what’s to blame for this? delays in budget allocations and project starts? rising material and/or labour costs during the projects’ durations? too small profit margins of those government projects? etc.?

    • they all did 5 years ago when the military took over uniq went from 5 to 15, stec doubled, ck doubled.

      Delays in budget? 100% at the military/government level, civil servants are not going to act on poorly written mandates where there is liability.

      The rest is business as usual.

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