Admin Court issued a verdict dismissing claims by TOT against DTAC (Bt246b), TRUE (Bt59.6b), ADVANC (Bt5.45b) on access charges.

Comment: And thats a boon to all the major players esp DTAC 

AOT cut FY19 revenue growth target to 5% from 10%, revised down full year tourist arrival growth target to 5-6% from 6-7% from impact of trade war, to expand non-aero revenue to 60% from current 44% within 3 years to mitigate risk of global slow down, will open bid submission for a duty-free contract for 3 airports (CNX, KHT, HDY) today.

Comment: It does help to have a bidding war for duty free

BAFS cut FY19 revenue growth target to 8-9% from 9-10% prior, revised down jet fuel sales volume growth target to 4% from 5% due to lower aircrafts traffic.

JKN’s scheduled to on air 3 CNBC programs, Squawk Box, Power Lunch and Street Signs, on GMM25 from July 1.

Comment: They’ve been active in the news cycle, and I’m referring to their own company news cycle in this case…

KTB to halt its auto loan expansion amid heightened competition, saying the business is uncompetitive against rivals.

Comment: Or just that KTB doesn’t do risk management very well. 

MOONG upbeats full year earnings from healthy infant products sales in Laos & Cambodia, in talk partner to expand distribution network, will add more feeding accessories in 2H.

TISCO anticipates 2Q turnaround from lower LLP and absence of employee related expense, maintain 4% full year loan growth target, 6% revenue growth, aims to keep NPLs within 2.86% from end of-FY18.

TPCH to sign 9.5mw waste powerplants PPA with Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) before end-June, target cod within FY21,will cod 3 powerplants combined 41mw in 2H, reaffirms record high profit this year from 101mw capacity vs 60mw end of-FY18.

Comment: This signing had been delayed for 2 years (thanks to the constant changes in viewpoint by the government ministries) and let’s see if it actually goes ahead this month. The rest of their projects are to be expected though even they were delayed by 12 months

VGI will add Kerry Express courier outlet on BTS skytrain stations, target 20 branches by year end, mulls to add more branches up country to fill demand for e-commerce.

Comment: It helps to be part of a conglomerate

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