FY19 figures were due as of end of Feb, and yes, this may not be the most important post at the moment, however one should still keep things in perspective.

Table 1: Sectors financial performance


  • SET profits were -7% for 2019, +37% in 4Q19.
  • 13/27 (48%) sectors had a positive growth in 2019, 15/27 (56%) sectors had a positive growth in 4Q19 (YoY)
  • 110/576 companies had a positive QoQ, YoY for EPS, Profits, 12M basis and a 12M19 positive profit
  • Banks and Energy represented 50% of the profit and as of Friday 14/03 30% of the market.

A few caveats here:

  • MAI isn’t included
  • There may be data errors in the analysis
  • The SET has odd definitions at times, i.e. MINT is in F&B whereas CENTEL is in Tourism.

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