There were 413 Buy transactions last week!

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 1.2 bn

  • MINT – One of the major shareholders decided to massively increase his stake.
  • GULF – He’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • SUPER – Rare to see a decent buy here
  • EA – Perhaps by buying the IE from his son, it will create tangible value in EA…
  • RS – Hasn’t dropped as much as I thought, but he’s buying

Sell(s) THB 509 mn

  • ACE – The crook sold to an institution? Sorry the clever businessman.
  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @’RS – Hasn’t dropped as much as I thought…’:

    currently any logic has gone out of the market anyway (this became absolutely clear to me last week when for example TM who should be doing good because they are selling health care equipment dropped the same as any other stocks). so i would not expect anything at the moment, it’s now just wait and see…

    • Uncertainty over the E at the moment. MINT is a good hypothetical, in a normal environment its maybe ~7-10x P/E. But today? Feb-May is dead business for them. so that’s 4/12 months in the year that’s gone, lets say…-70% in earnings. June-Sept – how quickly will this ramp up to normalcy? let’s say…-30% from a normal period. Oct-Dec – potentially near normal so lets say -10%…so for a FY thats -35% (very rough calculation) and with these assumptions where there’s still a lot of uncertainty hence the lack of logic.

      • peter satrapa-binder

        the problem is that currently i guess nobody really know what impact of the covid-19 will really be. will all be ok again in a few months? in a year? will the virus maybe abate soon and then come again next winter? will it cause a full-blown world wide and longer lasting recession?

        one thing is sure: for now the travel industry and related industries are toast. and for examples estimates from the tat that thailand will lose only a 3-4 million visitors in 2020 may (i would say will very probably) turn out to be pipe dreams…

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