The new digital TV industry has been both a love and hate relationship for me, at times I can see the bull in it, about how well some new players will perform (WORK, RS), newer players receiving higher ad rates over the coming years, at other times I see the bear argument, an audience population that doesn’t have the set top boxes nor the sattelites required to view this, the high prices operators are paying just to compete for ad ratings, and now we can add into the mix a silly regulator that is probably just looking for some THB on the side, Gen Prayuth use your Article 44 and fix this rubbish.

The broadcasting regulator’s plan to postpone digital TV licence fee payments for another year may not take effect….They said the postponement of digital TV licence fee payments, which are due on May 24, would affect the government’s revenue collection…Most of the complaints have come from people who said the payment delay was “inappropriate” and rooted in the unhealthy financial status of some digital TV operators, …Last month, the NBTC approved in principle the postponement of digital TV licence fee payments for 12 months….A public hearing on the payment delay was held last week. Most of the 24 digital operators agreed to put off the second licence fee payment worth a combined 8.1 billion baht…But they did not agree with the charge of a 7.5% interest rate, as it would not serve to ease their financial burden.

Source: Bangkok Post

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