Says revenue will grow 20% on booking revenue of Bt168mn. It is waiting for bids to open for new project valued at Bt160mn. 2Q15 income is estimated to rise 20%YoY while 1Q15 earnings surged 72% to Bt61mn. Domestic and international funds are interested in ARROW stock. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)
Comment: Their 1Q15 earnings were amazing, we’re looking into this name still.

Developing IT to support E-auctions. The firm plans to increase the number of branches with confidence in recovery of used car sales. Sales are expected to grow 20% this year. (ASTV, 12/05/15)
Comment: Love this asset light business model, I’m not sure that they can maintain their growth rates (granted they were 300% last year) but still a wonderful business

1Q15 earnings reflecting estimated growth of 46%, to be released today. The CEO says sales were Bt1.7bn, 20% growth. BEAUTY stock will trade at the new par of Bt0.1/share from Bt1/share on May 14. (Khao Hoon, 12/05/15)

Gets project from its JV in Brazil worth than Bt5bn, raising backlog to Bt7bn. Management believes the firm has competitive advantage in every field and good client acceptance. It expects sales to grow at least 15% this year. (ASTV, 12/05/15)
Comment: Similar to STPI this company benefits from being located in Thailand and thus being more cost effective than its international competitors

DEMCO gets EGAT, EA projects valued at Bt2.34bn. It says it has raised its investment budget to Bt120bn. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)

DTAC stock price hits 3-year low due to high competition. It plans to adjust its strategy to maintain revenue. (Krungthep Turakij, 12/05/15)

1Q15 earnings surged 122.2% to Bt103mn and revenue jumped 477% to Bt1.174bn. It will recognize revenue from “Siam Snail” in 2Q15. IT says 2015 revenue will stand above Bt4bn. (Khao Hoon, 12/05/15)
Comment: It’s the numbers of Wuttisak now being shown in the financials.

2015 revenue expected to beat 50% to Bt5.2bn. It plans to bid for a solar power project worth Bt2bn. It is conducting a study to invest in a waste power plant in 2Q15 with a conclusion expected in 3Q15. (Khao Hoon, 12/05/15)

1Q15 revenue rose 10.74% to Bt13.1bn with net profit up Bt7.95mn to Bt733.68mn backed by new branches of HomePro, Mega Home and HomePro Malaysia. (Khao Hoon, 12/05/15)

Gross margin to rise from last year derive from an increase in proportion of value added products and domestic and overseas demand. The company plans to acquire more business this year. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)

1Q15 earnings rose 16.32%YoY to Bt511.14mn from Bt439.42mn. Revenue grew 4.2%YoY and 6.7%QoQ thanks to the January startup of the Phase 1 expansion of its factory. (Khao Hoon, 12/05/15)
Comment: KCE has essentially accomplished all of its expansion plans, the next stage of growth will come either from the next capacity expansion (which could in 2-3 years from now) or from a new product line

Plans to invest in hotel business and golf course with an investment budget of Bt7bn over five years. It plans to build 10 hotels with 1400 rooms, expected to generate Bt1.5bn in revenue. (ASTV, 12/05/15)

1Q15 net profit up 29% to Bt181.45mn. The company will open 300 new branches and targets loans of Bt16.5bn. It is ready for nano-finance scheme and it expects earnings growth of 30%. (Khao Hoon, 12/05/15)

POLAR reported profit in 1Q15 of Bt113mn or growth of 1,167%YoY. It has laid out strategies to foster growth through 2018. It expects to finish the project in Europe within two weeks. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)

S11 reported net profit in 1Q15 of Bt74.12mn, up 41.69% YoY, on total revenue of Bt253.70mn, an increase of 22.9% YoY. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)
Comment: I am quite surprised that this motorcycle lender could grow this well in the past year despite the economic weakness

TAKUNI reported profit growth in 1Q15 of more than 262%. It expects to realize profit from CAZ construction in 2Q15. It plans to study biomass power plant business. It expects to get a job worth Bt700mn. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)

TKS expects better performance in 2Q15 than 1Q15, which had revenue of Bt365mn. It expects 2015 revenue to hit its target of Bt1.7bn, supported by more orders. It is dealing to invest in a printing factory, logistics business and packaging in another country. It hopes to finish at least one deal within 4Q15. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)

Loan growth in first four months stagnant due to the slow economy. It is preparing a new product named “TMB SME 3X Plus” which offers a credit line 3X the value of collateral and 50% of this in working capital in order to support entrepreneurs who face low liquidity. (ASTV, 12/05/15)

TSR will report 1Q15 on 14 May 2015. The company is confident in its profit, backed by substantial orders despite the slow economy. It is negotiating with a listed company and large organization to sell water purifiers and expand upcountry. It expects revenue to reach Bt1.5bn in 2015. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/15)
Comment: An interesting household water business, they’ve been doing all this business via direct sales, now they may begin to use modern trade, the mind boggles at the potential

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