With the continued political noise, holidays coming around and the market not being as buoyant as it was in the beginning of the year, a lot of the bigger ipo’s and IFF’s and property funds have been put off to next year, and of course politics doesn’t have an impact on the smaller names, it’s because they are punted and manipulated heavily, why doesn’t the SEC do anything? The conspiracy theorist in us says that, they would lose out on too many fees and not enough companies would list on the SET, but would you trust a business owner that willingly allows is shares to be played around with…we don’t…

He said 32 companies have listed on the SET and the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) this year, adding 270 billion baht in market cap, and an additional seven companies with a combined market cap of 80-90 billion baht are set to seek a listing by year-end.

Among the seven, G Capital will debut on the MAI next Wednesday, CP Tower Growth Leasehold Property Fund will begin trading on Dec 16, Ticon Industrial Growth Leasehold Property Fund will make its first day of trade on Dec 18, and SPVI, an Apple Inc distributor, will begin MAI trade on Dec 19.

Source: Bangkok Post

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