Another good op-ed in the Bangkok Post this clearly stating the inconsistencies in Thailand today.

So what does this mean for the market? Well my viewpoint is very simply how many more negative events can hit Thailand? Far and far less, yes there is a fear of the Red Shirts under Jatuporn creating more noise and protests in Bangkok, but thats really it, yes we know the thai economy is rubbish at the moment, but that’s now in the past, each and every negative factor that could’ve hit Thailand already has and now things can only get better.

One of the most ridiculous court cases in our history must be the Democrat Party’s attempted petition to have the Feb 2 election annulled on the grounds that the poll could not be completed in one day. The election could not be completed because firstly, the Democrats boycotted it and secondly, because anti-government protesters physically blocked polling booths. Therefore, it’s rather like an arsonist setting fire to their own house and then blaming the fire brigade for not putting out the fire in time.

Source: Bangkok Post

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