Notable Transcations

Buy(s) THB 1.8 bn

  • BGH – K. Prasert is back and buying with a vengeance to the tune of THB 1.12 bn
  • BLAND – K. Anant is back and buying strongly on the news that the company will do its first REIT, IMPACT, however funny that last week the regulators said that BLAND hadn’t filed for it yet.
  • EARTH – I’ve been damn curious about this company and now the major shareholders/management/directors have publicly bought THB 580 mn worth of shares @ a premium to the mkt price

Sell(s) THB 168 mn

  • MINT – Now Anil, director and long time shareholder of MINT, has sold off an additional THB 118 mn worth of shares. hmmm.

131014 mgmt trades


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