Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 2.2 bn
  • GRAMMY – Owner buys THB 347 mn, likely through the recap for the digital tv bidding
  • IEC – Interesting purchase here, IEC has just announced a warrant issue
  • KMC – A prop recap play here, new owner buys THB 39 mn in the markets
  • MC – Management has been quite active purchasing their shares below IPO price
  • NBC – Similar to Grammy, its a recap, digital tv play
  • POST – See above
  • SVI – The owner simply transfers shares into his own name
  • TFD – We’ve been told this major transaction by TFD was also a transfer of shares
  • TVD – hmmmm interesting a director purchases THB 27.4mn
Sell(s) THB 662 mn
  • BLA – K. Chai has been selling and selling whenever the price is above 60
  • BNC –  BNC is a NP stock, must’ve been an off the market transaction
  • CCP – Chairman sells thb 56 mn….hmmm, brokers were loving this company @ the beginning of the year 
  • CEN – Chairman and CEO sells THB 66 mn, 2013 has been a wonderful year for the company, only because of political reasons perhaps?
  • CHG – I’m still thinking he’s selling to BGH, THB 200 mn worth of shares sold in September
  • GC – Used to quite like this company back in the mid 2000’s, former director sold shares and stepped down
  • MINT – Owner’s good friend and a director sells THB 27 mn 
  • NBC – See above 
September 2013 Management transactions

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