Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 205mn

  • SIRI – This cheeky mofo is back! Just look at the 7 year chart of insider buying and selling to see what I mean
  • RS – Apparently its the beauty products that they manufacturing, sell on their own channels, using their own stars, and finally their own available ad space that will drive growth for the next few years.
  • MC – She loves her own dividends.

Sell(s)  THB 155 mn

  • HOTPOT – A block to the new shareholder, I’ve always called HOTPOT an F grade MK Suki that was trading at a nuts valuation. I still hold that viewpoint
  • IVL – Heincke has sold off quite a shares, actually the data is shows its THB 36 / share but this is lumped in with some warrant sales.


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