Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 77mn

  • N/A

Sell(s) THB 422 mn

  • BLAND – With the REIT finally listed plus the fact that they don’t have any other sizeable assets to sell, there isn’t any new catalyst for BLAND to move.
  • BROOK – Brook, one of the oddest companies on the market that no one really trusts.
  • EE- The President sells off a sizable near the peak of the 52 week range – wouldn’t you if your firm was @ 200x PE?
  • NMG – The size of this transactions make me think its a block trade, to whom I don’t know.
  • PPS- A recent IPO, the VP sells off THB 30 mn (market cap is THB 600mn!), looks like the 6 month no sell period is over

141116 mgmt trades

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