The past few weeks have been their usual hectic period with listed companies reporting their 3Q14 #’s, see below for a summary of how each sector performed on a reported net profit basis.

A few comments:

  • The overall performance for the the market was crap the SET & MAI were -4.7% YoY%, and -0.4% on a 9M14 comparison – however this could be due to oil prices collapsing during the 3Q hence why energy stocks had crap numbers
  • Food rocked! Due to the low base effect of last year when TUF, GFPT and CPF were hit with low chicken prices and shrimp disease issues.
  • Services – major turnaround as a result of CPALL (last year they purchased MAKRO led to huge debt numbers, fees etc etc)
  • Thus nothing much to report, but I’m amazed by the consistent performance in property funds.

3Q14 2
3Q14 1

    • Good question and I don’t know yet, I’m still of the viewpoint that consumer spending in Thailand has peaked for the next few years (since 2012) and won’t return until 2017, and that the only thing that will drive Thailand’s growth in the future is infrastructure spending.

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